ACT 3 International

Singapore's leading Arts company for the young


ACT 3 International

Singapore's leading Arts company for the young


ACT 3 International

Singapore's leading Arts company for the young

For ages 5 to 7
Parent and Child Workshop

Swim in Colours!

Based on
The Rainbow Fish
by Marcus Pfister

Sunday, August 21 or 28, 2016

Dive deep down into the blue ocean and meet the beautiful Rainbow Fish with scales so colourful that she becomes the main attraction amongst all the other fishes.  After losing all her fans because of pride, she goes on a journey of self-learning and discovers the value of friendship by sharing her scales with everyone!

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For ages 3 to 8

Jack and the Beanstalk

September 6 to 18, 2016

This classic fairytale now gets the Lyngo treatment so expect lots of surprises, a gripping story and beautiful images as Jack sells his cow for 5 magic beans and finds himself in the land above the clouds.

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For ages 7 months to 7 years

September Holiday Workshops 2016

Our Mem Fox-inspired Drama Workshops for children from 7 months to 7 years are carefully planned to cater to each need and developmental stage, both intrinsic and extrinsic, that a child goes through. And with our dedicated and easygoing Drama Teachers at the helm of each Drama class, you can be assured that your child will have the best of both worlds: learn Drama, build confidence and have FUN!

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For ages 1½ to 15

Drama Trial Class

September 2016

Drama increases confidence, improves oral communication skills, and develops creativity.  Here at ACT 3 Drama Academy, we give our children many opportunities to explore with their imagination, play creatively, and empower them through Drama!

If you think your child can benefit from Drama classes and grow to become a confident person at communicating and relating to others, register your child for a free trial class to discover if Drama is the key your child’s personal development!

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For ages 3 to 12

Children’s Day Drama Workshops

7 October 2015

With classic children’s literature such as The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland at the helm of each of our unique Drama Workshops, your children will be engaged in storytelling, dramatisation, role playing, improvisation and movement as they play out the many characters and retell their version of the story.

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For ages 7 mths to 12 years

Holiday Workshops
November to December 2016

Come build a love for Drama as you join us at our year-end holiday workshops
– a Christmas-themed learning adventure of wander and wonder!

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For ages 4 to 6
Parent and Child Workshop

Dramatic Storytelling
to Improve Literacy Learning

Sunday, October 23 or 30,  2016

Join us for a fun and interactive Parent and Child workshop where you can learn about Storytelling and Drama and how it can be used to build literacy learning skills in your child.

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