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By February 8, 2018March 6th, 2018ACT3 iFestival for Children

“Archipelago is a touching tale about the relationship between a parent and a child told through music, dance and poetic words. It is an island of wonder, everything a young child experiences – family, life, birth and independence.”

Ruby Lim-Yang
Artistic Director
ACT 3 International


ACT 3 International

Italy & Singapore

For 2 to 5 years
May 22 to May 25, 2018
ACT 3 Drama Academy
Running Time: 40 minutes

Archipelago is about a tiny little island born from a group of larger islands, an archipelago. Curious like a child, it separates from its mother island and goes on a journey of exploration and discovery.

As it journeys, it comes face to face with the elements – the blue sea, the boats, the fish, the trees, the moon and the stars, the mountain and the bridges that reach out. In its journey, it learns to be independent yet never forgetting the archipelago where it all began – an island amongst islands.

Archipelago will steer all on a passage of joy, love and connections.
Told through a combination of dance, movement, music, and poetic text, it is about family, life, birth and independence.

Who is ACT 3 International?

ACT 3 International is an arts company that was established in Singapore with its beginnings formed in 1984. Their focus from inception has always been on the Arts and Children, particularly in finding artistic and creative ways to engage, educate and enthrall them through works which are catered to them.

The intention of all of ACT 3’s works, whether small or big, is to provide young audiences with an awareness of the possibilities of creativity through imagination.

They believe that their work in the Theatre, in the schools and in the communities will add to the well-being of children to enable them to think differently, see the world through various perspectives, and to understand that the strength lies in the power of the human spirit.


Early Bird Special 20% Off ends March 19, 2018

15%Current ACT 3 Drama Academy students
Call ACT 3 International at 6735 9986 or in person at ACT 3 Drama Academy

For school group bookings, please email or call ACT 3 International at 6735 9986.

$38 for child and 1 adult
$22 for single ticket (child or adult)

By internet:
Credit Card payment only

By phone:
ACT 3 International at 6735 9986
Credit Card payment only

In Person:
Depending on availability, at venue an hour before start time, at full price.
Cash payment only

Performance Dates:
May 22 to May 25, 2018

Performance Times:
Tue – Fri: 10:00am

ACT 3 Drama Academy Room 4
126 Cairnhill Road
Singapore 229707