Drama for children in Singapore…begins at  ACT 3 Drama Academy


Fee Structure

Term Fee for 10 weekly sessions
$280 for ages 18 months to 11 years
$450 for ages 12 years to teens
Terms and conditions

At ACT 3 Drama Academy, we open up worlds and start children on a journey of self-awareness, confidence and growth.

Active, participatory and aesthetically rewarding, our Drama programmes for children and young people are sensitive to the artistic potential, emotional maturity and intellectual development of the very young from 18 months to teens who are eager to find their voice and contribute their ideas.

We encourage children of all ages to be versatile, to think on their feet and not be afraid to experiment with novel ways of expressing and communicating thoughts and ideas.

We provide practical opportunities for children to learn through and about Drama, in an environment that is loving and flexible, never critical or pressurising.



Drama for the very young
Ages 1.5 to 3

Drama can be experienced and enjoyed by even the very young, especially through structured dramatic play.
This is a parent and child class where parents are integral in the partnership of building positive learning journeys for this age group.

Drama for young children
Age groups 3s, 4/5s and 6/7s

As children become more aware of themselves and their environment, our program builds on their thinking skills and social interaction  development by using Drama principles and experiences.

Drama for older children
Age groups 8/9s, 10/11s and 12 to 15s

As children develop independence, we give them more opportunities to participate and be engaged in the theatrical, artistic and literary process of creating Drama.

Term Schedule

TermTerm 1 of 2017Term 2 of 2017Term 3 of 2017 Term 4 of 2017
5 January
to 9 March
23 March
to 25 May
29 June
to 31 August
14 September
to 16 November
7 January
to 18 March
25 March
to 27 May
1 July
to 2 September
16 September
to 18 November
8 January
to 19 March
26 March
to 28 May
2 July
to 3 September
17 September
to 19 November

Class Times

Age Group 1.5 to 3 years old 3 years old
4/5 years old 6/7 years old 8/9 years old 10/11 years old
12 to teens
Sat 9:30am9:30am9:30am9:30am   
 12 noon12 noon12 noon12 noon 12 noon 
Sun 10:15am10:15am10:15am     
  11:30am11:30am 11:30am11:30am  


Each term has 10 weekly sessions
Duration of each session is 1 hour and 2 hours for teens
Children in the 1.5 to 3s class are each to be accompanied by a parent

If you are keen to explore using Drama based programmes to develop your child’s confidence,
please call us at 67359986 or email us