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Archipelago is about a tiny little island born from a group of larger islands, an archipelago. Curious like a child, it separates from its mother island and goes on a journey of exploration and discovery.

As it journeys, it comes face to face with the elements – the blue sea, the boats, the fish, the trees, the moon and the stars, the mountain and the bridges that reach out. In its journey, it learns to be independent yet never forgetting the archipelago where it all began – an island amongst islands.

Archipelago will steer all on a passage of joy, love and connections.
Told through a combination of dance, movement, music, and poetic text, it is about family, life, birth and independence.

Directed by Roberto Frabetti and created with April Wee and Andrea Lim.

Cast Size: 2 + 1 Technician
Running Time: 40 minutes
Venue type: Black Box
Maximum Audience Size: 40

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