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Blanket Storytellers 2021

By November 15, 2021Holiday Workshops

We all love reading and listening to stories. Stories whisk us off to special places, to meet unique characters and to experience adventures.

With the blanket as an engineer of imagination, students from ACT 3 Drama Academy will tell their favourite stories. Watch them use the power of imagination, the art of creativity and drama tools to engage an audience. Be charmed by their dramatic actions, facial expressions, and expressive voices as they unfold stories from fables to myths to classics.

The Blanket Storytellers are our ACT 3 Drama Academy children who have been taking regular drama lessons at the Academy.

Come join our Blanket Storytellers on December 11 and 18, Saturdays, at 10:30amlive on ACT 3 International’s Facebook page and be transported to the worlds of their stories.

December 11
Leah Chia and Benjamin Ling telling the stories Androcles And The Lion, The Ungrateful Tiger and Aladdin And The Magic Lamp.
December 18
Jetaime Ng and Zehn Zaidi telling the stories The Snake And The Gold Coins, The Magic Paintbrush and How The Camel Got Its Hump.

Dates and Time
Dec 11 and 18 (Saturdays)

ACT 3 International Facebook page