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Blanket Storytellers 2022 Bremen

By March 16, 2022March 18th, 2022Holiday Workshops

Watch our Blanket Storytellers, charm you with their retelling of the classic Bremen Town Musicians, a popular German tale by the Brothers Grimm.

The story tells of mistreated and neglected domestic animals who decided to run away in search of a better home. Hearing about the city of Bremen, a city of musicians, the animals excitedly travel together.

Discover their mishaps and adventures as the Blanket Storytellers take you into their version of this story LIVE on March 26, Saturday, at 10:30am on ACT 3 International’s Facebook page.

Blanket storytellers are ACT 3 Drama Academy’s children who have been taking drama lessons at the Academy. Watch them use the power of imagination, the art of creativity and drama tools to engage an audience in telling their stories.

Date and Time
March 26 2022, Saturday

ACT 3 International Facebook page