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Blanket Storytellers 2022 Man Moon

By May 31, 2022June 1st, 2022Holiday Workshops

Fancy a dragon who can’t fly and a young girl who sets on a journey to look for the Man of the Moon!

Together they sought answers to questions about their fortunes from the Man of the Moon. But along the way they meet many obstacles, like the mischievous monkeys and the green tiger. Will the duo be able to find their answers? Will they be able to change their fates?

Come and watch as our Blanket Storytellers share an adapted version of the story of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin LIVE on ACT 3 International Facebook page on June 11, Saturday, at 10:30am.

Blanket storytellers are children of ages 6- to -11-year-olds who are attending drama classes at ACT 3 Drama Academy. Watch how these storytellers bring the story to life with creative movement, words and the power of imagination!

Date and Time
June 11, 2022

ACT 3 International Facebook page