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Holiday Workshop June Sparrow

By April 29, 2023May 10th, 2023Holiday Workshops




The Sparrow and The Child is adapted from the classic Chinese children’s song and dance drama “Sparrows and Children” Together with a variety of Chinese nursery rhymes, the narrative paints a strong image about the different “ways of love” which will arouse children’s thinking and develop empathy.

The story tells of a young child who becomes curious when he meets a sparrow caught and trapped in a cage. The little bird longs for her mother and for freedom. Puzzled and at the same time moved by the sparrow mother’s motherly heart, the child begins to realise that “love” is all about helping others to become better. In the end, he decides to free the sparrow.

During the workshop, your child will gain a deep understanding of the story in the Chinese context and will explore acting exercises (emotion, character understanding, imaginary object transformation), vocal techniques (breathing, vocal position, posture, sound projection and pitch), music activities (rhythm and melody) and basic dance movements. The workshop aims to lay a solid foundation for further study of Chinese musical theatre.


10%For students who are currently or have attended ACT 3 Drama Academy Term Programme or Holiday Workshops from 2021
10%If you register for any 2 or more June 2023 Holiday Workshops

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Workshop Dates
19 to 24 June

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Whatsapp us at +65 67359986

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ACT 3 Drama Academy
126 Cairnhill Road
ONE-TWO-SIX Cairnhill Arts Centre

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Workshop DatesWorkshop TimeWorkshop TimePresentation Day and Time
19 to 24 June 9:30am to 12:20pm
Mon to Fri
9:00am to 10:00am
10:00am to 10:30am
2:30pm to 5:20pm
Mon to Fri
11:00am to 12:00pm
12:00pm to12:30pm

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